Looking for custom water bottle labels for your next corporate party or event? Heal the Dream water offers the 12oz. Chunker bottle which is the perfect size for promoting your company’s message. Now you can show people you are part of the solution in the growing environmentally conscious movement.
Heal the Dream spring water is sourced locally from the natural springs of Palomar Mountains in San Diego, California, and every bottle is from 50% recycled plastic bottles. On top of that .10 cents of every bottle sold will be donated to fund clean water projects. If you are interested in becoming a partner contact for pricing and detailed information.




Heal the Dream offers local retailers our premium spring water in the 16.9oz. bullet bottle. People are eager to support products that make a difference and that’s what we offer. Heal the Dream partners with charities that help provide clean water to those in need around the world. With 50% recycled plastic bottles, and giving back .10 cents on every bottle sold, we’re helping conserve and preserve the environment one bottle at a time. Heal the Dream will deliver directly to your location with the minimum purchase of 3 cases. For pricing and more information contact