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Making a positive impact on the world with every product sold.



In 2018, John and Talia founded Heal the Dream with the mindset of helping others. They wanted to start a business that made a real difference and added value to communities around the world. So together they decided that every product they launched would carry the power to promote change and bring healing to the world. Each product released will be connected to a cause.

Through their research they discovered that one of the most basic elements, water is not available to everyone and has become a crisis in many areas around the world. In fact, 780 million people do not have access to an improved water source. They believe that everyone should have access to clean water, but not everyone does.

There are many organizations doing great work, and they appreciate them all. They simply want to get behind those trusted visionaries who have the solutions to provide water to everyone. Not only water, but clean water.

Heal Water is more than just premium spring water… it’s belief in a bottle - belief that we can change the way people consume and use the most essential element for life. Heal the Dream Premium Spring Water is the first product, but it’s only the beginning.



Give back to the Environment.